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Creative Recruiters - Leadership Tips Part 3 - Empowering your team

27 Sep 11:00 By Vicki-Anne Craigen

Vicki-Anne Craigen Creative Recruiters Leader


Today I’m asking the question, do you empower your team to be the best they can be?


Not sure? Ask yourself these questions:


  1. How do you react when a team leader completes a task sufficiently but not as well as you could have?
  2. Do you openly show your disappointment when they don’t know the answer to your question?
  3. Do you focus on what’s wrong with their work rather than what’s right?


If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your responses then it’s unlikely that you’re empowering your team.


In order to achieve your business objectives is achieved by a team which feels truly empowered.  Positive reinforcement, allowing a real sense of achievement to sink in encourages your team member to pursue outcomes previously thought to be out of their reach.


Therefore, try to hold back on your critique and instead try verbalising a job well done, highlight how they’re really improving or comment on the effort they’re putting into the task.


Making someone feel good about themselves and their achievements is one of themes empowering tools you have as a leader. By doing so you will trigger a desire in them to produce their best work and to remain committed to your business objectives and ultimately to you.