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3 Reasons You're Losing Your Best Employees

27 Sep 11:00 By Vicki-Anne Craigen

Vicki-Anne Craigen Creative Recruiters


If your best employees are leaving or you’d like to ensure they don’t, what I’m about to say might make you feel somewhat uncomfortable. If it does, see it as a good thing, and learn from the mistakes of many leaders before you.


Of course there are many reasons people leave their jobs, and not all of them are your fault.  But here are three reasons that just might be:


1. Poor Management


The old saying that people don’t leave jobs they leave managers is statistically very true. Unfortunately few managers or business owners realise it’s their fault. Therefore it’s important to have a process in place such as an annual employee engagement survey which can hammer the truth home to those who need to hear it.


2. Co-workers


Your best employees want to be surrounded by the best employees.  They want to be motivated by the energy of high achievers around them, although not necessarily by loud extraverts.  Exceptional employees want to impress and be impressed by the people they work with everyday.  Therefore, it’s critical that you hire well.


The other part of the equation is being brave enough to fire those who are not contributing positively or who aren’t doing their jobs well enough.  


3. Being over-worked and under appreciated


Being over-worked leading to no work/life balance is an obvious reason people their job. Another reason people leave is lack of recognition. This is an often silent, but deadly gripe which can fester and produce an endless amount of grief for the culture of your business. It takes a moment to let your employee, and the people in earshot, that you’ve noticed an achievement they’ve made. 


For you it might seem like a passing comment but for them that feeling of validation may be the difference between them accepting an offer to interview with one of your competitors!


Managing people isn’t easy. What isn’t obvious to you, can be obvious to others so the first step is to have a conversation with your peers or an external mentor to see if you can get some advice.  Here at Creative Recruiters we have a resident Executive Coach, Cheryl Payne who is ready to speak with you. You can contact her here.