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How To Write a Job Description

20 Apr 13:00 By Vanessa Dolan

Write Job Description Vanessa Dolan

Are you in the early planning stages for a new hire and are wondering where to begin? To speed up and make the recruitment process as efficient as possible, you absolutely need to make your job description as effective as possible.
In today's competitive job market, precise and well-written job descriptions are an absolute must. It can be the difference between attracting merely adequate applicants (which in the end slows down your hiring process) and finding your next star performer.  Your job description is your chance to connect with potential candidates and first impressions matter.

Here are some basic guidelines on how to attract the best talent with an effective job description:-

Company Overview

This will describe the size of the company and what type of work you do.  Who you are and what you do.

Who will they be reporting to: on a day-to-day basis and overall

Role & Responsibilities

What does the role involve and what is the aim of the role?


This the technical side of what the candidates need to be capable of.


This relates to the candidate's past roles and how many years of experience or what industry they need to come from


This is your chance to tell prospective employees the benefits of working for your business.


What is the base salary range and benefits e.g. health insurance or car-parking if applicable.

By following these guidelines, the process will become much easier for everyone involved no matter what size your company is.