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3 Simple Tips for a Productive Commute

23 Feb 14:00 By Houman Bigloo

Houman Bigloo Productive Commute

Almost everyone spends some time commuting to work and we may lose track of how much time we spend each day either walking, riding in public transport or driving. But how can we turn this time into something productive?

I have three tips that help to turn your commute time into a productive learning time.

Podcasts (Free)

With a variety of podcasts available, each of us can spend commuting time learning something that can benefit our personal or professional life. What we listen to, read or learn today eventually shapes who we are in a few years time. Why not feed our brains with content that helps us grow or learn.

I personally have a few Podcasts that I have learned a lot from which are:

  • TED radio hour 

  • Planet Money

  • Philosophize This!

  • How I Built This (Great from those with an entrepreneurial spirit)

  • Theory of Everything. 

Blinkist (Monthly Membership)

Blinkist is a fairly new application that I have been listening to which I find very constructive. This application summarises hundreds of books into a 15 to 20 minutes audio focused on the main learnings from the book. 

I was listening to one of the books last week, where it was mentioned that one minute a day accumulates to be six hours over a year. Can you even imagine how much time we waste in a year just commuting? (Blinkist still has a few in-app bugs but the positives outweigh the negatives.)

Audible (Monthly Membership)

Of course, Audible is another application with thousands of audiobooks that you can listen to while commuting. 

Why don't you try listening to a podcast on your next commute?

Now that I have shared my ideas, I would like to hear yours.

Houman Bigloo

Digital Recruitment Consultant at Creative Recruiters. 

0481 332 461