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Lunch With Lawrence: Tips for Applying for Job Online

10 Aug 18:00 By Lawrence Akers

Lawrence Akers Applying for Job Online

Everyone knows that the lunch break is a great time to sit down, enjoy a bite to eat, collect your thoughts and to consider what else you need to achieve in the remainder of your day!

And every once in a while, I might even invite you to come and have lunch with me and the Creative Recruiters' team... at least virtually anyway!

At Creative Recruiters, we're all about trying to offer guidance and support back to the industry as much as possible. One way in which we can do this is by jumping online and offer up some tips and guidance on topics that are relevant to the creative industry and helping you to score your dream role.

Now, I personally hate putting myself out there in this way. I cringe even looking at photos of me let alone video footage and putting ourselves out there on a platform like Facebook LIVE that is quite literally 'live' is also rather 'scary'. Having said that, it is immediate and it means that we can field questions in the moment, almost like we're sitting down and enjoying a chat together.

The first 'Creative Recruiters Lunch With...' happened today and, while we didn't get a huge number of people joining us live, the ability to have the videos available for replay and to continue offering value back to the community means that this is something we've well and truly embraced.

Each 'Lunch With...', we'll post a list of potential topics in the week prior and allow you to vote on which one you would like to see. You can also send through questions that you would like answered and, if you watch the live broadcast, you can ask your questions in real time.

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Lawrence Akers
Digital Recruitment Consultant - Creative Recruiters
m: 0421 660 395

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