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Meetup Melbourne: Creative Gallery Hopping Group

23 May 14:00 By Houman Bigloo

Creative Art Gallery Gopping

Unlike many, I am not good at writing long articles. As a result, I jump straight into it: I miss gallery hopping.

Today I realised that we are getting to the end of May and I still have not been to Van Gogh’s exhibition which makes me cringe inside. 

Art galleries are inspiring!

I used to be a part of a gallery hopping group in my early 20s where we caught up on monthly basis and targeted galleries in different suburbs, and spent the whole day enjoying art, grabbing food, coffee and wine. 

Not to generalise, but we all felt inspired afterwards and the everyday life seemed different. Sometimes we learned something new (a political message, historical story or a new point of view), other times we were filled with sensations and emotions (joy, calm, contentment, anger, sadness etc.).

Somewhere along the way the group scattered around the globe and our gallery hopping was no more. 

I have decided to set up a gallery hopping group to connect with other creatives.

Thankfully Creative Recruiters team has inspired me to set up a self-sufficient group to continue this beautiful tradition. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know (I do not want to do this alone!).

I am inviting everyone from the creative industry who enjoys art and feels inspired by it, to join this new Group.  

What is the purpose of the Creative Gallery Hopping group?

This is a great opportunity to enjoy art and socialise with like-minded individuals.

Expose yourself the Melbourne’s diverse art scene and support Melbourne’s well-known and young and upcoming artists!

How can I join?

visit our MeetUp group here:

Or email to register for our Creative Gallery Hopping Newsletter. 

When and what is the next Creative Gallery Hopping?

Next Gallery hopping date is on Saturday the 3rd of June at 11:00am. The group will be catching up in front of the NGV and we will catch up for a coffee and brunch afterwards.

We look forward to seeing you and Van Gogh’s masterpieces!

PS: I know this is a mainstream gallery, but we will include different galleries from boutique ones through to commercial galleries. 

Join us today!

Houman (Houmi) Bigloo
Digital Recruitment Consultant - Creative Recruiters
m: +61 481 332 461


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