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Cy Gorman: Creative Mastermind

17 Oct 14:00 By Jonathan Rivett on behalf of CREATIVE RECRUITERS

Cy Gorman Creative Recruiters

He is a professional whose work spans an array of media, technology and industries, and who you could forgive for spreading himself thinly across his many areas of work. On the contrary, though, he excels at each, and has a remarkable proficiency for amalgamating disciplines and genres to generate creative works of spectacular originality.

With his photography he creates striking and compelling images, beautiful but often troubling. His videography is similarly intriguing, and allows him to exercise his growing inquisitiveness with virtual and augmented reality narratives. He is also an accomplished musician and producer and released his debut  Carmen on Heard and Felt Music in 2015.

In this collaboration with Country Road and Woolmark, Cy used music and sound to “Celebrate Wool”, and succeeded in making something so much more interesting than a typical retail ad.

He has also worked on projects for L'Oreal Fashion Festival, Christina Exie for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Chunky Move Dance Company.

His most recent major work, Augmented Organism, took him to Finland where he expressed his deeply-felt environmentalism through a creative project that brought together “science, art and technology with world wisdom traditions, sounds and movements”.


 “It was respect at first sight when I met Cy.  I was blown away by his unique perspective on what can be achieved in the creative realm.  His energy is inspiring; he is intriguing.  An asset for any team”  Vicki-Anne Craigen, Director, Creative Recruiters


If you’d like to work with Cy be sure to contact Vicki-Anne Craigen or Houman Bigloo at Creative Recruiters.