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If You Work in the Digital Space, You Need to Know Houmi!

04 Jul 12:00 By Vicki-Anne Craigen

Creative Recruiters Houman Bigloo Digital

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that the highly qualified and well experienced creative recruiter, Houman Bigloo, has joined the team at Creative Recruiters. 
- Vicki-Anne Craigen, Director


Getting to know Houman Bigloo – Digital Recruitment Specialist

I’m very excited to be joining Creative Recruiters. My purpose is to help the Australian Digital Industry thrive by sourcing diverse and innovative digital talent for businesses.
- Houman Bigloo

Who am I?
I have two masters degrees in advertising and marketing, but I actually started my career as a graphic designer before deciding to pursue a career in recruitment.  Call me crazy, but I knew I'd love it, and thankfully it turned out that I really did love recruiting in the creative industry. Three years later, I bring with me a targeted network of creative talent which is no doubt going to grow exponentially now that I’m with Creative Recruiters!


Where have I been for the last year?
I'm really passionate about design and technology, and how they influence communication. Therefore, I took a break to complete a Digital Product Management course at General Assembly. From this course, I gained further insight into the digital world, adding another layer to the knowledge I need to be a top recruiter in the digital creative industry!


What am I passionate about?
Since a young age, I have had a passion for technology and creativity. Whether it’s being used amongst friends and families or between brands and customers, I’ve always been curious about how it enhances our daily lives and how we interact with each other.

My thirst to understand and follow the progress of technology and communication led to my extended studies, and my passion to be part of the industry. My passion now is to seek new and innovative projects for those with exceptional digital capabilities whilst partnering with digital businesses who are thriving in today’s market.

What is my vision?
There is so much to be gained by opening up a team to new ideas and views gained from successful international companies. 

Therefore, one of my goals is to connect Australian businesses with digital talent from international markets.

I also want to establish relationships with international agencies so I can provide Australian talent with opportunities abroad too. I am a firm believer that by helping Australian digital talent gain greater international exposure, that our local industry will ultimately thrive. 

What now?
Utilising my creativity, my strategic thinking and my deep understanding of the creative digital industry, really has given me the confidence to partner with ambitious digital talent and businesses. 

So if you are interested in progressing your digital creative career or in hiring specific digital talent for your business, be sure to get in touch! I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.


Houman (Houmi) Bigloo
Digital Recruitment Consultant - Creative Recruiters
m: +61 481 332 461


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