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If You Want That Promotion, Act Like You've Already Got It!

20 Jul 17:00 By Vicki-Anne Craigen

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If you want that promotion act like you've already got it! It's a pretty simple philosophy that works wonders and yet it's one that is often overlooked. Why? Because the noise in your head, with all the reasons why you might be pipped at the post or overlooked, tends to get in the way. Instead, you spend your time sitting there arguing with your inner critic about the pointlessness of doing anything positive. So how's that working out for you? Want to try something different? Good!

First things first. Do you 'really' want the promotion? Don't just say yes. Imagine yourself in the role. It's obviously going to have more challenges than the one you're in now. Do you feel excited about it or somewhat scared? If you've answered yes to both then good, you're on the right track. Now, start dressing like you've already got the job. This can be a no-brainer for those of you who dress to kill each day but it's the subtle things which may make a big difference. For example, if you're young (or young at heart) and you're used to wearing really short skirts to work, ask yourself whether that's appropriate for the top job. If you don't see anyone else at that level wearing one, it doesn't matter how well you think you wear your uber mini it just might be time to keep it for the weekend. For you guys, your ripped, low hung jeans and your runners might just have to go too – sad but true. Of course, if the top job requires a mini or your belt half way down your bum then knock yourself out but if they don't – weekend wardrobe only. 

Next, ask yourself what your Manager will want to see in the person doing your future job. Is it more of what they've got now or will they be looking for you to bring in something new? Perhaps it's a bit of both? The most important thing is that you identify the skill that you'll need to have, then start to nurture it and show it off at every opportunity. Without stepping on anyone's toes, there are ways to start highlighting to the 'powers that be' that you have what it takes. It might be really simple gestures like offering to do a task outside of your current job description and nailing it, or you could go for a grandiose display of skill prowess by producing the results of a project you'd worked on in your own time which, when implemented, will save the business both time and money! 

Finally, be seen and be heard. Speak up and have your ideas heard and get them implemented. If, in your future job, you need to do certain things that you're not doing now, and there's scope for you to do them regardless, then start doing them. When you're sitting at meetings, sit next to the person who is already in the job you want. Engage with them, work the conversation so they verbalise their support of your ideas in front of your peers. If you're doing it well, others will subconsciously start to see you on the same level as the person who you wish to aspire to. 

Most importantly, spend time with more experienced people and ask them plenty of questions about the steps you need to take to walk in their shoes one day. People love talking about themselves, so take advantage of it; listen, learn, and implement their tips of the trade. Ask them to mentor you. Lock in a 15-30 minute power catch up with them once a week/month/quarter, take into the meeting 2-4 critical questions you want to be answered, then take the information and use it!

In very simple terms - walk the walk and talk the talk. By the time you get the promotion everyone around you will think you've been in the role forever and, who knows, maybe they've already got you pinned for the next big step up. 

Have a great day!



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