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Head of Strategy

The Director of Digital Strategy is responsible for corporate digital strategy, coordinating across functions and brands to ensure integrated digital media execution with optimal user experience.

In this role the Director of Digital Strategy builds teams who will leverage data to develop customer profiles, insights and recommendations. They deeply understand the fundamentals of digital transformation and how to drive customer engagement, they will analyse user data to inform and refine the overall strategic approach whilst implementing best practices.

Some of the key responsibilities will include:

  • Design and implement company digital strategies within budget requirements

  • Identify problems and map out solutions relating to the business or clients area of need

  • Set specific digital objectives and monitor progress

  • Ensure smooth operation for all digital tools and applications (e.g. website, blogs and social media)

  • Overseeing digital projects

  • Analysing SEO and marketing metrics

  • Generate innovative ideas to increase web traffic

  • Train internal teams to use digital technologies

  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure brand consistency

  • Suggest new optimisation methods to improve customer experience

  • Address advertising needs and budgets

  • Ensure web best practices are met