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Salary Guide 2020/2021

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Firstly I’d like to acknowledge the devastation caused to our community during the global pandemic. Businesses have been forced to downsize, even close, causing many people to lose their jobs. To those who are struggling we will do our best to help you where we can.

As with all disasters there are industries that have thrived, so we have seen a steady stream of work for Freelancers during C‐19 which is likely to increase over the coming months. Confidence appears to be returning to the permanent job market, particularly in the corporate sector.

How you supported your team during C‐19 will be at the forefront of candidate decision making. If your business is one of the fortunate ones, and you’re looking to attract Talent, having a unique engagement and hiring strategy that responds to this is essential.

If you’re struggling to attract Talent, please don't hesitate to give me a call to discuss a solution unique to you.

Until then, stay well.


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