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Service Designer

Service design is the complete experience design and implementation across all channels and touch points of a brand not only from a customer/user’s point of view but also from an organisational perspective which includes employee’s experience, operational model design and infrastructure.

So, what is a service designer and what do they do?

By planning, coordinating, and optimising an organisation's operations to better support customers. Service design improves both the user and employee experiences. To put it simply service design is a way of putting yourself in the shoes of the customer, to make their life as easy and enjoyable as possible. Service design originated from interaction design due to its ever-growing complexity. Service designers can be described as directors that manage all elements within a certain environment, take a coffee shop for example. Service designers that have certification are well regarded there are many service design courses which will equip you for a role in this industry.

Elements could include, the music playing in the shop, the colour scheme, what food is available, what payment methods the shop uses, the list goes on. Service design aims to fully understand every aspect of the customer’s journey. Understanding the journey allows service designers to pinpoint areas that are working well and areas that may need further improvement.

Definition:Customers journey

The complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with a company and brand.