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Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Steve is the newest member of our team. He is an experienced recruiter with a creative side. A dedicated, approachable consultant Steve works hard for both clients and candidates alike. He is a an asset to the Creative Recruiters Team.

​Who am I?

Born and lived on a Cattle station for 12 years, I finished year 12 when I was 14 years old due to homeschooling and went on to obtain a bachelors in Professional Writing and Editing by 16. I’m a highly driven, self-motivated family man who prides himself on his honesty, responsibility and humour, all wrapped with an appropriate amount of Star Wars references, general pop-culture knowledge and a black belt in Freeform Mixed Martial Arts!

What am I passionate about?

I have always held a passion for people!

The best stories can come from the most unlikely places and I pride myself on consistently finding the best stories. I have a great love of creative design, all things pop-culture and a good eye for technology. I've been working on writing a series of novels for almost 9 years now and I’m whole-heartedly committed to the creative process of putting that narrative together in the best possible way!

What is my vision?

My grandfather always says ‘The weight of the world doesn’t fall on those who can’t handle it.’ And it’s something I live and breathe. I’m happy to shoulder any responsibility or request to ensure that the creative side of life never disappears! I want to specialise in finding not only the perfect candidates for your business, but the perfect people for your team. Those people that, given the right opportunity, will absolutely excel and elevate your creative visions to heights you’ve never thought possible.

What now?

Do you have a project coming up?

Maybe you need a candidate right out of left field ready to take the industry by storm? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, I’ll provide you with every ounce of industry knowledge I can pull together and ensure that you’re working with us to build the best team, in the best companies with the best talent!

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