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Losh Pandithasekara

Losh Pandithasekara

Who am I?

Prior to joining Creative Recruiters, I worked within the Real Estate and Customer Service industries, while I learnt at lot working in those sectors I really wanted to fulfil my career ambitions as a Recruitment Consultant. This is where I feel I can make an impact.

What am I passionate about?

Being a people person, I find enjoyment in connecting with individuals from different backgrounds and building lifelong relationships. I love being able to help candidates find their ideal roles and assist clients to find the best of the best. To me this is the most rewarding aspect of the role.

Outside of recruitment, I love travelling and catching up with my mates on the weekends. If it’s not that, you would definitely find me watching hundreds of videos about cars on YouTube!

What is my vision?

Working with Creative Recruiters, my vision is to become an expert recruiter within the creative industry, and to help as many people as possible. I want to ensure that everyone that works with us, has a seamless experience from the start to finish and to genuinely feel cared for by us here at Creative Recruiters.

What now?

I'm ready to speak to you. Whether you’re a talented creative looking for your next role, or a manager too busy to focus on finding that new hire, I’d love to hear from you, please reach out.

M: 0402 880 300

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