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Liam Smith

Liam Smith

Who am I?

Having completed a Bachelor of Communications, I’ve learnt to see how people think and how they work together to bring ideas to life. I love to combine my knowledge of communications, and my work as a Recruiter to create meaningful opportunities for both my clients and candidates.

What am I passionate about?

I’m passionate about making strong connections, and helping others to create their own.

I love to learn, and always try something new when I can.

I enjoy reading, swimming, snowboarding, dancing, and spending time with the people I love!

Of course, I love animals, and all things nature, so I make sure to do right by the environment.

What is my vision?

My goal is to provide an honest and genuine service to both clients and candidates to do what I can to create the best connection possible.

What now?

I’ll be working to build on myself, to hone my skills, and to learn what I can to become a better recruiter.

I will be working closely with a team of professionals with an incredible work ethic and strive to always integrate Creative Recruiters core values of Respect, Integrity, and Positivity into all aspects of my life.

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