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Lawrence Akers

Lawrence Akers

Lawrence Akers is a veteran of the creative recruitment industry.  He has the largest following of any recruiter in our space and is best known for being a trusted advisor to both our clients and candidates.  He is an exceptional recruiter and is admired by all those who work with him. 


Who am I?

I've been working in creative recruitment now for over a quarter of my life and it is a career I thoroughly enjoy. I also practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.

What am I passionate about?

I'm passionate about psychology, understanding why people think the way that they do, and this gets nurtured in my Recruitment career given the diversity of creative talent I meet.

I'm also passionate about social causes, politics, Doctor Who, music theatre, travel, dad jokes and Eurovision, although not in that order.  

What is my vision?

I’m excited to be able to offer a mature and transparent Recruitment service with a focus on ensuring that the interests of my clients and candidates are put first, ahead of profits.

What now?

At Creative Recruiters, I focus on sourcing Temporary/Freelance talent for our clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart.  So if you’re a freelancer keen to hear about what job opportunities we may have, then be sure to get in touch.  If your a company and you’re looking for Freelancers to help you meet a deadline then be sure to give me a call.

m: 0421 660 395

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