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Lawrence Akers

Lawrence Akers

Lawrence Akers is a veteran of the creative recruitment industry. He has the largest following of any recruiter in our space and is best known for being a trusted advisor to both our clients and
candidates. He is an exceptional recruiter and is admired by all those who work with him.

Who am I?
As many recruiters will say, I “fell into” recruitment all the way back in 2004. Prior to that, I had been working in the music industry for many years with a different type of creative, and found that the energy and innovation that existed within the creative community really spoke to the tribe I wanted to be part of. Since then, I have also developed skills in the counselling and coaching space which have evolved directly from my years working in recruitment.

What am I passionate about?
When it comes to the creative industry, their job is more than just what they do to earn a living. It
truly is an extension of who they are and a part of their identity. It’s something that they take really seriously. What has often driven me in my work is the sense of satisfaction in placing talented individuals into the next chapter of their career which goes on to provide them with enormous meaning and purpose.
Outside of recruitment, I have a strong interest in psychology and literature, and as you would imagine from my background, an immense love of music which has often seen me travel the world to enjoy some of my favourite artists.

What is my vision?
My vision working with Creative Recruiters is to provide a truly ‘human experience’ with recruitment.
I’ve had many people over the course of my career tell me about the horrible experiences they’ve had with other recruiters, and I want to ensure that the experience they have with Creative Recruiters is one that leaves them feeling respected and treated with dignity. Of course, it isn’t possible for us to be able to help everyone, but if we can ensure we’re coming from a place of integrity and respect, then that speaks to my own personal values.

What now?
If there is one thing I can say about working in recruitment, you never stop learning. We’ve gone through a period where even the way people are engaged has shifted and changed, and that involves changing how we approach doing our job. I’ve always said that recruitment is equal measures of psychology, sales, and matchmaking, and that ever-evolving, dynamic mix is part of why there is always something to learn every day.

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