Imelda and Oscar


Imelda, Director of Happiness

Like many other geniuses, Imelda was expelled from various puppy schools. But with hard work, and persistence she wrote her first best selling book, "How to Make Humans Do Your Will" which introduced her to the corporate world.

Since then, she has climbed the corporate ladder and joined Creative Recruiters from the beginning in 2015 and helped establishing the business. 

What Imelda loves the most about working at Creative Recruiters is doing stretches at 3:30 pm with the team.

Oscar, Chief Security Officer.

Oscar started his career as a model by being featured in coffee table books such as "Shoot the Dog" project. However, he grew tired of relying heavily on his good looks and started his own YouTube series, "Different Ways to Steal Food from Humans".

After a successful career as a social media influencer, and talking about theft all the time, Oscar developed a passion for security and joined Creative Recruiters as a Chief Security Officer. 

What Oscar loves the most about his job is to randomly bark loudly and scare the hell out of everyone and then laugh at them and give them a hug.